East Zion Consolidated District Association


Celebrating 102 Years of Mission, Ministry and Service!

"Forging a New Destiny"

Dr. Kelly R. Booker, District Moderator

East Zion Consolidated District Auxiliaries / Ministries 

Below is the leadership of the East Zion District Ministries.  Information on each Ministry will be available in the near future.   (Access Ministry page by clicking on the Ministry name)

Congress of Christian Education
Rev. Wilbert Tripplett
Congress President

Congress of Christian Education
Sister Lavinnie L. Moore
Congrress Dean

Men's (Laymen) Ministry
Brother Kelvin Mitchell


Pastors/Ministers Ministry
Rev. Elvin Mack

Pastors' & Ministers' Wives & Widows
Sister Tina Vickers

Nurse Ministry
Sister Adria Chappel

Usher Ministry
Sister Shirley Featherstone 

Women's Ministry (WMU)
Sister Janice Wilson

Young Adult Ministry

Rev. Al Raney
Pastoral Advisor

Youth Ministry
Sister Joyce James
Youth Director

Junior Laymen
Rev. Johnnie Reed, III
Junior Laymen Director

Grief Ministry
Rev. Craig A. Finley