East Zion Consolidated District Association


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"Forging a New Destiny"

Dr. Kelly R. Booker, District Moderator

McKinley Brown / Lois Swain Scholarship



The Scholarship Committee was organized in 1996 to implement and develop criteria for awarding funds to youth of the East Zion Consolidated District.  Two (2) $500.00 scholarships will be awarded to two deserving youth in the District Association.

The East Zion Consolidated District Association will award $500.00 to two (2) youth in the district association in compliance with the guidelines as attached.

The deadline for application for 2024 is June 8.  Entries should be mailed to:  Sister Linda Edwards; 1114 N E 59th Street; Oklahoma City, OK 73111.  They must be postmarked no later than jUNE 8, 2024.

Click below to download 2024 Scholarship information.