East Zion Consolidated District Association


Celebrating 103 Years of Mission, Ministry and Service!

"Forging a New Destiny"

Dr. Kelly R. Booker, District Moderator

The Association

What is an association?  A Baptist Association is a self-governing fellowship of autonomous Churches, sharing a common faith together in ministry.  All of the Churches that comprise an Association are free, independent, self-governing, and autonomous; who voluntarily decide to associate themselves to do a greater ministry by association.

While priding ourselves on being independent, autonomous congregations, we also recognize our dependence upon one another. An Association is a family of Churches and a network through which Churches are involved in oneness, mutuality and fellowship.  This fellowship we share is grounded in harmony, faith and practice.

The Association is Bible-based and theologically sound (Acts 16:1-8; 15: 1-35; Galatians 2:1-10). Here we see the early Christian community and the area Churches sharing a responsibility with one another (John 15:5; I Peter 2:4-5; Ephesians 5:23-32; 4:15-16).

We organize ourselves into Associations in order to enable us to do collectively what we cannot do separately and to help each Church better accomplish the distinctive work God has for it to do. The Association helps us to draw from each other, to learn from one another, and provide training for Church leaders and a platform for communication of information about work of the Churches and the work of the denomination.

The objectives of the Association are implemented in the following areas:

(1) Fellowship

(2) Education and Administration

(3) Worship and Evangelism

(4) Cooperative Ministries

We can thank God for helping early Baptist leaders recognize the value of the Association.