East Zion Consolidated District Association


Celebrating 103 Years of Mission, Ministry and Service!

"Forging a New Destiny"

Dr. Kelly R. Booker, District Moderator

Women's Ministry

Auxiliary to 
The East Zion Consolidated District Association


Mission Statement

"Women Equipped by God's Grace to be of Service"
II Corinthians 12:9; Proverbs 3:6

Sister Valerie White
Ministry President

 Sister Valerie White, President  Fairview Baptist Church, OKC 
 Sister Princess Murphy, 1st Vice President  First Baptist Church, Green Pastures
 Sister Dollie Sherrill, 2nd Vice President   Greater New Zion Baptist Church, OKC
 Sister Linda Edwards, Secretary  Fairview Baptist Church, OKC
 Sister Tanyanita Washington, Assistant Sec'y  Fairview Baptist Church, OKC
 Sister Sherry Russell, Corresponding Sec'y  Greater New Zion Baptist Church, OKC
 Sister Mary Sheets, Treasurer  New Union Baptist Church, OKC
 Sister Rose King, Asst Treasurer  Unity Baptist Church, OKC
 Sister Joyce James, Youth Director   Greater New Zion Baptist Church, OKC


All women of our local churches affiliated with the East Zion Consolidated District Association are strongly encouraged to attend our Bi-Monthly Meetings and become actively involved with the ministry activities scheduled during the year.  With your continued support, we can only imagine the work we can accomplish TOGETHER!