East Zion Consolidated District Association


Celebrating 103 Years of Mission, Ministry and Service!

"Forging a New Destiny"

Dr. Kelly R. Booker, District Moderator

Our History

History of the East Zion Consolidated District Association

The Zion District Association and the Eastern District Association both had their beginnings with God. The Zion District was organized in 1909; the Moderator was Rev. J. D. Provo, Pastor of the Fairview Baptist Church. Rev. E.W. Perry, Pastor of the Tabernacle Baptist Church, was the first Moderator of the Eastern District. In 1920 the two Moderators envisioned, almost simultaneously, that the unification of their forces and resources could accomplish what they could never accomplish alone. A merge was advocated, and the resultant organization became known as the East Zion Consolidated District Association.
With the consolidation of the two Districts, Rev. E. W. Perry served as the first Moderator and Rev. J. D. Provo served as the First Vice Moderator.
A firm foundation has been laid; let us continue to build there upon.
Listed below are the names of the Moderators of the East Zion Consolidated District Association:
Rev. E. W. Perry     
Tabernacle Baptist Church
1920 - 1927     
Rev. J. D. Provo
Fairview Baptist Church / New Hope Baptist Church
1928 - 1931
Rev. F. K. Leath 
Greater Shiloh Baptist Church
1932 - 1935
Rev. J. P. Patterson
St. John Baptist Church, Ponca City
1935 - 1962
1962 - Recommended and implemented (4) year tenure  
Rev. W. K. Jackson
St. John Baptist Church, Oklahoma City
1962 -1966
Rev. M. A. Curry
Faith Memorial Baptist Church
1966 - 1970
Rev. E. R. Neal
Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church
1970 - 1974
Rev. E. A. Ward
Macedonia Baptist Church, Guthrie 
1974 - 1978
Rev. W. K. Arnold 
Paradise Baptist Church 
Rev. Eric A. Mayes, Jr.
Unity Baptist Church
1979 - 1983
Rev. W. B. Parker
St. James Baptist Church, Spencer 
1983 - 1987
Rev. Levi Smith
St. John Baptist Church, Ponca City
1987 - 1991
Rev. Hersey Hammons 
First Baptist Church, Guthrie
1991 - 1995
Rev. W. B. Woodberry   
First Baptist Church, Hick Addition
1995 - 1999
Rev. John A. Reed, Jr.  
Fairview Baptist Church
1999 - 2003
Rev. J. H. Tucker 
Greater New Zion
2003 - 2007
Revs Jeff L. Mitchell 
Tabitha Baptist Church
2007 - 2011
Rev. A. R. Crawford 
Fairview Baptist Church
2011 - 2015
Rev. L. Mike Woodberry    
Unity Baptist Church
2015 - 2019
Rev. Kelly R. Booker
New Union Baptist Church
2019 - Present